Sancaya and Agus Giriasta Represented Indonesia at The Bartender World Championship in Thailand


Sancaya Dwi (Bikini Bar) managed to become the best at the ABA Road to The Master 2020 competition held at Alaya Resort Ubud, where the winners and runers up at this event will be Indonesia’s representatives to compete in the bartending world championships in Thailand in April. future.

Sancaya (Bikini Bar) and Agus Giriarsa (The St Regis Bali) compete fiercely in this competition, they defeated 19 other contestants with a tight point difference. Present as the third winner in this client competition was Raviela Angela (Blanco Par Mandif & UFBC).

“This is a form of our consistency at ABA in accommodating Indonesian bartenders to compete in world competition, so that bartenders can become Indonesian ambassadors in the field of tourism and promote Indonesia through cocktails,” said Agung Wah Yoga on the sidelines of the activity.

“Furthermore, we will help the participants in the form of discussion and debriefing from their seniors and mentors at the outlet, because remembering that in Thailand later it will be a world competition, so that our representatives from Indonesia can talk a lot at the Asia and World level,” said Agung Dharmawan as Jury after the event took place .

Furthermore, in 2020 there will be some ABA competition agenda which will send the winners of the competition to compete in international and World championships.

“We from Savis Tea Indonesia will always try our best to support and facilitate the young generation of Indonesian bartenders, of course, by synergizing and cooperating with other brands such as Manta Rum, Orang Tua Group, Fabri Syrup and of course other brands. Hopefully in the future Indonesia will have more experts in the field of bars, and as the ambassador for his future tour through cocktails “as conveyed by Mr. Ari Putra representative of the sponsor, Savis Tea Indonesia.

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