HBI Bali Welcomed The Indonesian Independence Day by Holding an Exhibition In Front Of The Regent of Badung.


HBI (Indonesian Bartender Association) conducted a series of activities to welcome the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia Independence. Started from August 11 by climbing to the top of Mount Agung, on August 14-16 continued by series of Flair Exhibition activities in collaboration with LPM Legian. In the Flair Exhibition activity, HBI featured the best flair bartenders as a form of introduction to flair bartending among the general public and the Badung government ranks who were also present at the event.

“We carry out this series of activities to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day and encourage the younger generation of Indonesian bartenders to be more optimistic and enthusiastic in this new normal era to face future challenges after the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Bayu Hendra, chairman of the Indonesian Bartender Association.

“We hope that these junior bartenders will continue to learn and be creative while at home or not working, their skills must be honed because the challenges in the world of work will certainly be more competitive in the post-pandemic era, skills and knowledge must be honed,” said Agung Dharmawan. as advisor at HBI.

HBI is a bartender association that is quite active in holding competitions and training activities which aim to improve the skills and knowledge of Indonesian bartenders. There are several activities, both competition and training, which are held every year, one of their routine and annual activities is the Arak Bali Festival.

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