Young Man Juggler


Joly Artawan is the one of new rising stars flair bartender generation, he has a lot of achievement in his young age as well. He started flair bartending when he was on the middle school since 4 years ago and he used to join the competition at the first time in 2014. After he joint several competitions he achieved his first time winning on the flair competition in Discovery Shopping Mall, when he was on high school, in that competition he learnt about the knowledge experience about bar and show & entertainment. He started to win in several competition as well, one of his memorable experience when he won the best cocktail in STP Bandung on 2017, and also he achieved second place on 2018 for student class categories. Another his achievement when he won Flair Mocktail Championship Tourism Festival 2017 in Jember, he won 3rd place Vikings Road To The Master World Bartending Championship 2018 Flair Category. He also won 1st place The Bar Times Magazine Highlight Bartending Competition 2018, on the competition, there was challenging show because he performed fire juggling and he said juggling fire it was one of his biggest challenges, that he always to keep learning and practice because it’s not easy to do that performance. Recently, he joint flair competition Ubud Viking Flair & Cocktail Challenge in Alaya Resort.

After all his experience in flair and competition made he more confident, get more friends & connection, and also enriched his knowledge about hospitality.  He is very simple person and he likes mojito classic as his favorite drink as well, because of sweet & sour taste, refreshing, and also its easy to get twisted. He used to work and training in several places like Keraton Jimbaran Resort & Spa when he was 11 grades, also another daily worker such as Sofitel, Dijon catering and so on. Now he studied in STP (Bali tourism school) Nusa Dua Bali because he more concerned about school and competition.  He hoped for the new bartender to keep practice & learning, not always practice in the one place but also practice everywhere and join with the community.


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