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Kadek Sancaya Dwi Permana is a young bartender who is being talked about lately. Sanca is a nickname for this young man, in the last 2 years this child has been in the spotlight because he won two prestigious competitions in Bali one of which is the Arak Bali Festival 2019 and Road to The Master 2020 which will initially be held in Thailand, Sancaya will represent Indonesia in at that time, however due to Covid-19’s global health issue the competition was postponed. The Bar Times saves interviewing Sanca in the process of making his profile video sponsored by several brands and there we also had the opportunity to sample cocktail creations that he made. The following are excerpts from The Bar Times interview with Sanca

1. News said that you are a rising star in Bali, tell us about your achievement?
“OK, thank you in advance for the title of rising star, but in my opinion that title is not suitable for me.
I have participated in competitions since 2018, from beginner competitions to the Indonesian Open.
I got 3rd place in one of the cocktail challenges in 2018.
In 2019 I won first place at the Arak Bali Festival in Sanur
In 2020 I won the Road to The Master Thailand competition held in Ubud”.

2. Tell the beginning of your career and who are the influential people in your career as a bartender?
” There are many influential people in my career as a bartender, but who are very close to me and often met at that time was one of the legendary bartender of Indonesia and a good leader namely Arik Buik and Tiki Primadonna”.
“They support me to be a classy bartender, good behavior, their advice I still remember to this time, and become my guideline for my career”.

3. Who is the bartender who inspires you?
“The bartender who inspired me, an idol at that time, was a famous bartender in Bali, especially in the world of mixology, also a flair bartender named Arie Barker”.
“I used to idolize him and we had a chance to meet in a competition in 2018, then he was interested in my performance and now it is great that I can work together with my idol”.

4. As a bartender, personally, what tools do you have beside bottle opener?
“As a bartender, the personal tools we have to have are jiggers, strainer, shakers, long bar spoons, bottle openers, I use Uber Bar tools because the quality is good and I’m comfortable using them”.

5. Today you will make cocktails, can you tell us what cocktail you will make?
“I will make 2 cocktails, one of which I was inspired by, one of the places in Bali, Wanagiri village.
“Wanagiri is a producer of good quality passion fruit. Here I will combine it with other ingredients such as Fabbri cinnamon, Squeeze lemon juice, pineapple compote and also Dewi Sri arak to give the impression of warmth in the cold mountains”.
“The second cocktail I named “Rise the Hell”.
“I used Sailor Jerry spice rum; I was inspired by the story of Sailor Jerry himself whose real name is Norman Keith Collins he was a famous tattoo artist from Hawai who used to tattooed the Navy before they fought”.
“The theme of the tattoo that he carried was a tropical theme such as pineapple, coconut, boat anchor, beach. In this cocktail I want to combine these tropical ingredients such as pineapple juice from Squeeze, Fabbri Hazelnut syrup, and black banana vermouth, my cocktail will be black as an implementation of tattoo ink.”

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