The Industrialization of Arak During Pandemic

Ilustrasi ( Holy Tirta)
Ilustrasi ( Holy Tirta)

Since the enactment of the Governor’s Regulation Number 1 of 2020, the interest to developing the alcohol industry in Bali has increased, especially arak. It is proven by the appearance of various arak brands on the market. This condition became a fresh beginning for Bali’s economy that currently experiencing an economic contraction.

However, one thing needs to be concern by those entrepreneurs, that is; products management as stated by Agung Mayun, one of the FnB activists. Agung explained that local brand owners must understand how to manage their own brand image and maintain its product quality. “If they understand that matters, of course, they will have a strong character and can compete for long time,” said Agung Mayun in Denpasar, April 5th, 2022.

Furthermore, Agung express his concern on whether the brand can survive and compete during the rise of Bali tourism? He also wishes evaluation related to the existing brand. “Is this really reliable to increase our economic growth, especially the arak craftsman in the remote areas?” Said Agung

He also wishes that everybody can taste piece of the cakes, considering that arak craftsman have been hindered by the law. “Of course, we hope that all of us taste the positive impacts as the arak craftsman have been clamped by the rules and the negative stigma of arak itself,” Agung concluded.

Writer: Ni Putu Mega Luxiana Putri
Editor: Dewa Ketha

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