Arak Based Cocktail Will Kick Off in 2020


Arak-based cocktails are predicted to become a trend in 2020, along with the increasing positive image of Arak Bali and the increasing awareness of Indonesians about the love of local product, arak is an attractive choice for Indonesian bartenders. Arak can be a unique cocktail ingredient because it is ‘pocket friendly’ than imported expensive alcohol product and it has a unique character.

“We hope that arak will grow more in terms of image and innovation. We bartenders will always innovate to create new cocktail-arak based so that it can make arak image better and easier for us to introduce to domestic and foreign tourists,” said Ariey Barker is one of Indonesia’s leading bartenders. It is expected that from the competition and education that have been carried out by the bartender communities in Bali in the future the arak will truly be the host in their own country.

The arak-based cocktails are increasingly being looked after by young Balinese bartenders to further explore them into an attractive cocktail.
“We hope that by opening this Pintu Merah can introduce cocktails made out of arak into a new choice and educate friends in Bali. So that arak is more interested in the future, if not us who else” said Sanis, one of the owners of Pintu Merah, who specializes in serving cocktail that made out of arak.

Pintu Merah is one of the bars in the Kerobokan area that serves arak based cocktails. With innovation and a different taste from the previous arak cocktails. It is expected to become a place to enjoy cocktails and become one of the places to educate the younger generation how the arak is served more exclusively. With a friendly price, it is expected that cocktail connoisseurs will not hesitate to try new experiences in enjoying cocktails.

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