Agung Satria Wibawa goes to Monin Cup World Championship


Agung Satria Wibawa, VIP Finns Beach Club bartender, Indonesian representative in the 2018 Monin Cup for the Asia Pacific level competition. His father, a cruise ship bartender, is his inspiration in the world of bartending. He started his career from 2013 and worked for Peninsula Beach Club, Nusa Dua. He changes his place to work several times, he even left Bali and settled in France for 2 years.

Since the first time he plunged into the bartending world, he has decided to become a mixologist. His first recipe, Harvest Moon, was originally intended to be used to participate in a competition that turned out not to be held. The recipe was then used by a friend to join the competition at the Hilton. Unexpectedly his recipe won the competition, and led his friend to the first position, and leave for Jakarta to the Asian region competition. With a different recipe but still from him, this time his friend had to satisfy for being in the runner-up position.

The Monin competition with “Mix Your Origin” theme has been prepared in advance. Considering tropical Bali, he prepared liquid-based refreshing drinks (vodka, orange juice, tamarind juice, Kalamanci, and Valernom Syrup from Monin) and foam (passion fruit, ginger juice, Galangal juice, egg white, and honey). For Agung, this is a big challenge, because he himself has never participated in a competition. The competition in Jakarta uses Black Box system, where participants do not know what materials will be used. “That’s where our sense of liquor is tested. We are only given 15 minutes total, including choosing materials, calculating them, and performing,” he said.

After passing through Jakarta, this Whiskey enthusiast will compete again in Malaysia, and will face 12 participants from 12 countries. In the 1st round, he had to make the recipe that delivered him to Jakarta. From there, there will be selected the top 6 who will compete with the black box system which will only leave the top 3 to compete in France, and he is very optimistic that he will arrive in France.

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