Sababay and Hardrock Cafe Bali Work Together With the Motorcycle Community to Raise Social Funds


THE BAR TIMES – Sababay and Hardrock Cafe Bali are collaborating with motorcycle communities from various communitites in Bali to participate in the Fund Rising Event for the Bali Hospitality Movement. Friday, September 4, 2020.

“We are collaborating with several motorbike communities in Bali so that they do not just have fun but also care for others through this event,” said Derry Hasibuan as Regional Sales Manager of Sababay Winery to Indobalinews.

Derry said the Bali Hospitality Movement (BHM) was collaborated because according to him, there was no need to doubt the reputation and commitment. BHM considered to be the right organization to channel all the funds that will be collected from this charity event.

“So far, BHM’s progress has been very tangible in their 10 activities, accurate data has convinced us to channel the donations collected through BHM,” he continued.

The event which was held for the first time, according to Derry, was an encouragement and motivation to keep moving even though circumstances forced him to adapt to a new life. “We can no longer be silent. There are many things we need to do so that Bali tourism will immediately rise, ”he explained.

There are at least 120 two-wheeled vehicles that are members of the Honda Bali Big Bike, Yamaha Bisma, Duta Intika, DK2, Von Dutch Indonesia, Am 412 Motor . Starting from the Sababay Winery office on Jl IB Mantra Gianyar then continued ridding until Hard Rock Cafe Bali.

In this event, besides selling vehicle equipment, it was also filled with product auctions. “The target fund that we collect is at least Rp. 8 million and after the funds are collected we will submit them directly to BHM,” he explained.

Do not rule out, similar events will continue to be held again and in collaboration with tourist objects. “Just like now we are collaborating with Hard Rock Cafe, we hope that we can create events like this in other places in the future, maybe tourist objects or places that we can promote to the international level,” he explained.

Hard Rock Cafe Bali is very supportive of this activity because it has a noble vision and mission and can be an example for other communities to move. “Bali is very dependent on tourism, therefore this kind of positive activity will be very good to show the international community that Bali is not silent, we can still be creative as long as we continue to pay attention to health protocols, as conveyed by Daria Shilova Sales and Marketing of Hard Rock Cafe Bali.

Currently, from BHM data, the total recipients of donations up to the 10th batch are around 800 people. While those who have not received around 700 people are scattered in Bali. “The situation is getting worse because the doors of international tourism have not yet opened. Of course, our colleagues in the world of tourism are really feeling the impact, we hope that with this small activity we can ease the burden on our affected colleagues so that they do not give up and become discouraged,” explained Jack as a representative of BHM.

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