Celebrity Bartender : World Class Champion Arey Barker


Arey Barker is the winner of World Class DIAGEO 2014 and well known as one of mixologist master, and the main judges of The Journey of Captain Mojito Mixologist Competition 2018 by Captain Morgan. He started his career as bartender in 2006, he was working in Venue at The Moon, Kudos, W Hotel for 7 years, and in 2017 he became Head of Mixologist in 8 degree project and Bar Manager in Bikini Restaurant Seminyak. The reason why he became bartender because he thinks bartender is a very cool profession and also very passionate since he was at school. He interested about mixing drink with flair, and he used to flair bartending, also joint some flair competition on 2004-2011.

He pursuing his career as mixologist and the most prominent competition that he had was World Class DIAGEO in 2011 and won the 2nd place of Indonesian region in 2013. The most prestigious achievement that he gets when he became the champion in 2014 in Singapore and the global final held in London. That competition taught him everything, because he had experience and learning about cocktails overseas and it was memorable for him. After his experience as flair in the past and mixologist, he mentions if both of them are just the same, when we had flair we performed our skills and technique, for mixologist we performed our idea, creativity, and knowledge.

One of his favorite recipe is The Cloud which the basic ingredients is infused gin with Rooibos tea, African tea, and mixed with spicy syrup that made of cloves, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon juice with earl grey tea foam topping, served in martini glass. His favorite drink is Negroni. He said that the good quality bar is which served good Negroni, because Negroni is bitter and not all people can enjoy. That’s why he made his workplace on Bikini Restaurant as the best choice to drink Negroni.

He appreciated the younger bartender/dress generation, because they are more creative and had a lot of experience from International culture. He hoped that they learn more about techniques, ingredients and execution as well.

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